Our Mission

We are dedicated to the prevention of adult obesity through education and practical implementation of healthy habits at an impressionable age.

WHAT are we doing at PFK?

PFK provides education and programs for the youth demographic, affecting positive change for the health of our growing children for future generations.

Fitness Starts Now is designed to initiate physical changes and a healthy lifestyle though proper nutrition and exercise.  This 12 week camp is designed for those that may have been “left behind” and as a results are in danger of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, etc.. They may not be involved in sports or other active recreational activities. They may not have had the opportunity to learn how activity and nutrition affect their life. Our goal is to expose the wide scope of health and fitness to these kids in order to help them embrace health and fitness throughout their lives.  Participation will not only focus on external changes, but will contribute to the positive growth of one’s self esteem, self confidence, and emotional well being.

Our 12-Week Scholarship is available for “Fitness Starts Now”.

Fit Kids For Life programs, seminars, and camps strive to provide continued support of a healthy lifestyle.  PFK has solid partnerships in the health and fitness world that support and help service these programs, seminars, and camps.  There are many sport specific and active camps dedicated to kids, but there is a vast number of kids without any real fitness options.  Our goal is to reach all of our youth with diverse fitness options.

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